My Experience

During my 20 years of working with children and families I have developed a passion for children. I love helping  them learn to manage their emotions and their behaviors. I have also developed a passion for parents who are doing the hard work of learning to parent their children. I feel safe saying that however many children you have in your care, each one of them will require a different parenting style. This can be exhausting to parents. Complicating factors such as divorce, adoption, foster care, trauma (for either child or parent), school failure (or lack of success) can make parenting even more challenging. I believe children need their therapy to be individualized as well developmentaly appropriate. I strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for children by providing an appropriate mixture of free choice and structure. I love working directly with parents to help their children and therefore I encourage parents to contact me before sessions to update me on any concerns they may have for their child. When appropriate I invite parents into the sessions with their children.

I enjoy working with teens supporting them in developing positive interpersonal relationships, emotional regulation and distress tolerance.

Breakdown of my experience:

12 years within a specialized program for children with significant emotional and behavioral challenges. This program was specifically for children who emotional and/or behavioral challenges signficantly interfered with their ability to remain on a traditional educational site.

3 years providing educationally based mental health services which were linked to the child's IEP (Individualized Educational Plan).

3 years working with families represented within both the Child Welfare System and Children’s Mental Health.

I have developed curriculums and facilitated groups for children, parents and adolescents. I hope to be able to offer some groups in 2017.

I have seen the pride that comes over a child’s face when they realize they have learned the necessary skills to manage their emotions and behaviors. The pride that comes when they are finally able to go to their safe space, use their coping skills, accept an answer of “no”, a need to wait and/or an unexpected change in their routine.

I have seen children struggle to, and finally develop the ability to use words and/or symbols to let others know what they are feeling, even when those feelings are big and threaten to overwhelm them.

I have seen the relief in a parent’s face when they are finally able to identify what their child needs and how to give it to them.

I have seen confidence build in parents as they begin to trust that their hard work of parenting will pay off.

I love walking through the journey's described above with my clients.