Our Past Does Not Have To Define Us

Our past experience’s impact who we are in the present, and who we will be in the future. Sometimes we discover or suspect, that our past experiences are “negatively” impacting our daily lives. It is at those times that we have the choice and the power to learn new ways of dealing with our past, so that they don't continue to have a negative impact on our present or our future.

Faith And Truth Are Powerful Tools

There is power of knowing and acting upon what you believe. Learning to be honest with ourselves must come before we can be honest with others. Honesty with ourselves allows us to experience new opportunities for growth and healing. 

We All Need Help Sometimes

Sometimes we feel helpless, overwhelmed and without hope. If you have struggled with issues such as these for years, or it is a new experience, please know there is hope. Together we can discover new tools which you can use to lessen the level of distress you experience.

Skills Can Be Taught And Used In The Real World

I believe children want to be “good”, however sometimes they simply lack the skills necessary to do so. Sometimes they are filled with “hard” and “big” feelings. Therefore, they lash out, often at those who love and want to help them the most. I believe parents want to support their children. However, they too sometimes lack the necessary skills to give their children the help they need.

Use of the expressive arts in therapy can be FUN.

Children and adults can use the expressive arts (music, poetry, drama, rhythm, sandplay, storytelling, journaling, drawing, painting, sculpting, collaging etc.) to help them understand themselves, their interactions with others and often break the cycle of reactivity, that has kept them from fulfilling their hopes and dreams.